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What is the Affiliate Disclaimer?

An affiliate disclosure or disclaimer is a type of disclaimer used to inform your viewers or users that you have collaboration with brands, products, services or companies and you publicly promote these brands.

In the simple words, It can also explain that some of the links available on your website may be affiliate links and indicate as affiliate links.

Affiliate Disclaimer is very important page for your website if you are using affiliate link in your website, So you can definitely create affiliate disclaimer for your website. You can use our tool to create a general Affiliate disclosure or Disclaimer Page for your websites.

How long does your tool take to make a website Affiliate Disclosure or Disclaimer page?

With our very simple and fast online Affiliate Disclaimer page generator, you can very easily create a Affiliate Disclaimer for your website in a few seconds and paste it into your website.

Do I need to register an account to create a Affiliate Disclaimer page?

No, no account is required to create a Affiliate Disclaimer. All you have to do is enter your website name, your website URL and your Gmail ID and our tool will automatically provide you a Affiliate Disclaimer page for your website.

Does your website charge fee for creating a Affiliate Disclosure or Disclaimer page?

No, Our website does not charge any fee from users/visitors, you can create as many Affiliate Disclaimer or Disclosure pages for your website as you want, that's too for free.

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